The Do’s and Don’ts of Tattoo Healing

My girlfriend is excited about the upcoming appointment to get her first tattoo. Having personally gotten a few, I hesitated to give her any advice in case I scare her. However, there were a couple things I had to make her be aware of. After getting a tattoo it is critical that you are aware of the do’s and don’ts.  These are pretty important in the tattoo healing process. I know for sure that getting a tattoo is no walk in the park, so it will be very unfortunate if you turn your tattoo into a scare. The information I gave her, and hopefully you, will be very beneficial if everything is put into practice.

During the tattoo healing process after getting it professionally done, you will notice that it looks like a sun burn with something resembling flakes coming off it. However, that doesn’t always happen and you might see a scab. If you are experiencing scabbing, washing the tattoo will help. But, don’t put any lotion on it at all if it is scabbing heavily. This moisture that you add to it will only make the tattoo healing process longer. Certain parts of your body will take longer to heal such as your Bikini line, top of feet or knees and elbows. The reason for this is because these parts of your body move more often, and another obvious reason is because they are covered, so moisture is trapped in. Where this is the case, you will need to stay away from adding lotion until it dries out some more.

Tattoo Healing

Tattoo Healing

I believe this is the number one rule, never ever pick scabs from your tattoo – although only eight years old do that and I am positive you are not eight. Picking at it will leave you with a scar, and you want a scar-free tattoo healing process so don’t do this! Since most people are not aware of how filthy their hands are, it is best not to even touch it at all. So do yourself and favor and make sure you wash your hands first if you think you have a need to touch it. Hey, I know your friends will be excited to see your new tattoo, but don’t let them touch it when they ask “hey man let me check out your new tattoo!” Their hands are dirty too.

Stay out of direct sunlight. This is not the time to get a tan. A sun burn on the tattoo will hurt a lot and trust me; you don’t want to experience that.  Also, during the tattoo healing period it is best to stay out of excessive amount of water. So avoid swimming and taking baths, choose to shower instead. If you do this the tattoo will get a moisture overload, just the appropriate lotion is adequate enough. So after showering, let it dry thoroughly before applying recommended hand lotion and when you do add lotion, you only need a tiny little drop. You will need to do this up to three times a day for tattoo healing.

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